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Take a moment to experience the nature and culture to feel the richness of the heart Experience family-like warmth and homecoming-like nostalgia

A new journey to say "I'm home" on Ie Island, the home of the heart. While people's travel and face-to-face interactions have been
restricted due to the coronavirus, we offer a safe and secure way to enjoy an extraordinary experience, and to experience the "therapy
of heart" that is created when people interact with each other. We offer a new kind of travel through homestays.

Ie Island, the most island-loving island in Okinawa

Ie Island is a remote island located 9 km northwest of Motobu Peninsula in the northern part of Okinawa's main island, close enough to be seen from Churaumi Aquarium, and can be reached by ferry from Motobu Port in about 30 minutes.
From the island, you can see Izena Island, Iheya Island, and the Kerama Islands.
The outline of the island is oval in shape, much like the shape of a peanut, a specialty of the island. It measures 8.4 km from east to west and 3 km from north to south, with a total area of 22.77 km2. The symbolic 172-meter-high pointy hat-shaped "Iejima Tatchū (Mount Gusuku)" rising in the center of Ie Island is the distinctive feature of the island.

Ie island map

Major Tourist Attractions on Ie Island

Mount Gusuku (Iejima Tatchū)

The 172-meter-high, pointy hat-shaped "Iejima Tatchū(Mount Gusuku)" has long been an object of worship and is still a place of worship to pray for good catches and a rich harvest. From the top of the mountain is a viewing spot from which you can see the whole of Ie Island.

Wajee Viewpoint

Wajee used to be a valuable source of water for the island before the undersea water supply from the main island was made possible. The spring water full of minerals and of high quality is still available and is used as drink water. There are also drinks for sale using Wajee's spring water such as Ie Soda and Iejima Sparkling Water. If you look down from the observatory, you can see the point where the spring water comes out, about 60 meters below the observatory.

Ie Beach

It is a beautiful white sand beach with 1 km of shallow sandy beach, which is said to be the symbol of Ie Island. It is a very popular photo spot, with swings and other photo-worthy features with the ocean as a backdrop. There are also a variety of facilities such as stores, playgrounds, and campsite.

Cave Nyatiya

It is a sacred place where rituals have been held since ancient times. There is a "power stone" that when lifted by a woman who is unable to conceive a child, her wish will be fulfilled. During the war, it was used as an air-raid shelter for the residents, and it is said that not a single person was sacrificed in this Cave Nyatiya, making it a power spot full of life force.

Major Specialty Products of Ie Island

Ji-mami (peanuts), Okinawa shallot, wax gourd, Iejima wheat, brown sugar, purple sweet potato, Iejima beef, Ie soda, Kekkun (wheat snack), Ie Rum SantaMaria (rum)

Major Specialty Products of Ie Island

E-bike Tour (Electric bicycles)

E-bike Tour (Electric bicycles)

Why not try touring the island in comfort by a cyclocross bike with gears or electric bicycle? If you have a car license, you can also tour around the island in a single-seater minicar, which looks great in photos. This guided tour is suitable for both children and adults who want to fully enjoy Ie Island, including beaches, caves, and hidden spots only local guides know about.

Selectable Local Experiences

Ryusou(Traditional Ryukyuan Costume) Experience - Real Ryukyuan Culture Connecting People to People

Ryusou(Traditional Ryukyuan Costume) Experience

Okinawa was once a single country called Ryukyu, and through trade with countries in East and Southeast Asia, it developed its own culture, incorporating many different cultures. The Ryukyuan dress was also influenced by the Chinese and Japanese, which created the unique Ryukyuan "Ryusou" dress. Ryusou worn by female royalty and the warrior class were brightly colored, with yellow being considered the most noble color. Men also had a hachimachi, a headdress, which the colors represent different classes. Wearing the traditional Ryukyuan costumes inherited from the Ryukyuan period, it is perfect to take photos outside when the weather is fine.

Local Cuisine Cooking Experience - Unchanged Real Heartwarming Home Cooking

Local Cuisine Cooking Experience

Okinawan cuisine is characterized by its simple and mild taste, mainly of pork and vegetables, with seasonings and cooking methods unique to Okinawa. At "Furusato Jikan(The time you feel like you are in your home of the heart)", we will cook together using vegetables and specialties from Ie Island, and by sitting around the table together, you will experience Okinawan food culture, learn about the taste of home, and before you know it, you will feel the warmth of a family, like having a mom and dad from Ie Island.
We will help you create such memorable moments that will make you want to return to Ie Island again.

Agricultural Experience - Being Touched by the Real Thing Grown in Ie

Agricultural Experience

Crops are carefully and lovingly nurtured until they are ready for harvest, while keeping a close eye on soil conditions and climatic changes. Many of the crops grown on Ie Island, such as Okinawa shallots, purple sweet potatoes, peanuts, and wheat, are highly regarded within Okinawa Prefecture. It is a precious opportunity to feel not only the quality of the soil, but also the warmth and love of the islanders who nurture it, through this agricultural experience.

Livestock Farming Experience - Real Learning that Leads to the Dining Table

Livestock Farming Experience

Calves born on Ie Island are later transported to other parts of Japan, where they are nurtured to become well-known brands of cattle throughout the country. You will feed and feed milk to the calves on Ie Island, which you normally could not see them up close. Through this rare opportunity to interact with these animals, visitors will learn the importance of livestock farming.

2Days 1Night Schedule

2Days 1Night Schedule

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